Does the Pandemic Stop Infrastructure Progress in Indonesia?

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Does the Pandemic Stop Infrastructure Progress in Indonesia

Indonesia Corruption Watch analyzed infrastructure tenders in 2020 to understand how the country has been performing against the national infrastructure plan during the pandemic. ICW applied OCP’s OCDS & OC4IDS indicators and red flags indicators and this is what they discovered:

State-Owned Enterprises are the biggest beneficiaries of government infrastructure contracts with the majority of tender duration carried out within approximately 1 month.

From the information accessibility, they found that tender description was not clear - making it difficult for new business to understand what the government is looking for and for the public to monitor this process ie. over 70% of tenders did not have enough description on their tenders and more than 80% have very short tender titles. This is reflected in the participation of new suppliers with only less than 8% of the total contracts being given to new suppliers. Download the full article below. 

*This analysis is carried out per datasets available by January 2021. Some datasets may be updated by procurement agencies after the research is carried out and not captured in this analysis. Some figures (tenders, projects, tender value, etc) on this blog may vary based on data capture date. Please check [our detailed report] for a better picture. We encourage you to check our [infrastructure dashboard] for the most recent datasets.


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