SAKTI to Graduate Anti-Corruption Cadres

The existence of the Anti-Corruption Course (SAKTI) is one of the priorities of ICW's work to expand the anti-corruption movement. In addition to being a vehicle to raise cadres of anti-corruption activists, the programs and curriculums designed by SAKTI can be used by various parties, especially ICW's strategic network/partners.

Proud to be the Anti-Corruption Generation

Regeneration and individual capacity building are two important issues in ICW. It can be said that ICW’s ranks is filled by young activists; among them are the activists in the Public Fundraising Division, which is ICW’s backbone for the public donation program, as well as the campaign center for anti-corruption awareness raising. This division also initiates various merchandise used as medium for campaign and socialization, and at the same time raises public awareness in supporting the anti-corruption movement through the public donation program.