Report on 2023 Corruption Trends Monitoring Result


Since 2004, Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) has consistently published reports on corruption trends monitoring in Indonesia. This is carried out to find out the level of corruption that occurs from year to year and identify in a greater depth a number of variables such as modus operandi, sectors, areas suspected of being vulnerable to corruption, and mapping the professional background of each person named as a suspect by law enforcement officials.

The results shown in this report can be used as a description of the extent of the commitment and strategy for corruption eradication by the government towards each monitored variable. Learning from the results of previous years’ monitoring reports, corruption consistently increases from year to year, in terms of the number of cases, suspects, as well as the amount of potential state financial losses. This indicates that the agenda for eradicating corruption is still not given priority by the government.

Therefore, ICW has again released a report on the results of 2023 corruption trends monitoring to observe the current corruption situation.


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