Anti-Corruption Weekly Digest: Nov 3-9, 2016



3 November

  • Proceedings in the East Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry grant corruption case involving La Nyalla Mahmud Mattalitti continues with a testimony of state finance experts.

  • Police Criminal Investigation Agency detains two suspects, former Assistant Manager of Pelindo II, Ferialdy Noerlan, and former Technical Director of Pelindo II, Haryadi Budi Kuncoro, regarding suspected corruption in the procurement of 10 crane units for PT Pelindo II that has been handed over to the Attorney General’s Office.

  • KPK questions former MP of Parliament’s Commission V, Andi Taufan Tiro, and two former Heads of National Road Executive Agency (BPJN) XI Maluku and North Maluku, Amran HI, regarding suspected bribery in road projects at the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.

  • KPK questions three judges who adjudicated the case of sugar imports without Indonesia National Standard (SNI) certification in West Sumatra. The judges are Amin Ismanto, the presiding judge, and two members of the panel, Sotejo and Sri Hartati.

  • KPK questions the Head of Southeast Sulawesi Energy and Mineral Resources Agency, Burhanuddin, as witness in the case of abuse of power by the Governor of Southeast Sulawesi, Nur Alam.

  • Attorney General’s office questions former Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Dahlan Iskan, in the case of suspected corruption in the procurement of electric vehicles at the Provincial Attorney of East Java.

  • Police Criminal Investigation Agency arrests the founder of PT Akara Multikarya in the case of extortion at PT Pelindo III, Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya.

4 November

  • Police Criminal Investigation Agency examines suspects regarding extortion at Belawan Port, North Sumatra, to provide evidence regarding the modus operandi.

7 November

  • East Java Provincial Attorney questions Dahlan Iskan again as suspect in the sale of East Java Region-Owned Enterprise, PT Panca Wira Usaha, examining the responsibilities and functions of Mr. Iskan as the CEO of PT Panca Wira when the assets were sold.

  • KPK examines former MP, Head of Commission II of the Parliament, Chairuman Harahap, in the case of suspected corruption in the procurement of electronic residential IDs at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

8 November

  • Prosecutors in the case of Yogan Askan, Director of PT Faktanusa Ciptagraha, demand a sentence 2 years 6 month and a fine of IDR 50 million, less 2 months served, in the case of suspected bribery in a Special Allocation Funds project in West Sumatra.

  • First hearing of Irman Gusman in the case of suspected bribery in sugar imports at Central Jakarta Corruption Court.

9 November

  • Pekanbaru District Court rejects the pre-trial motion in the issuance of Investigation Termination Warrant (SP3) for 15 land burning companies by Riau Provincial Police filed by Riau resident Ferry Sapma.

  • KPK questions former Minister of Health, Siti Fadilah Supari, in connection with suspected corruption of trading of influence in the procurement of health equipment for Department of Health Crisis Center from DIPA funds.

  • KPK questions seven witnesses in connection with suspected corruption in the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing projects in FY 2016.

  • Yogyakarta Provincial Attorney detains five suspects in connection with corruption in the procurement of pergola for pedestrian paths who were executors of the IDR 4.4 billion project.


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