Internship at ICW

ICW opens internship opportunities for domestic and international students as well as ICW partners/networks in the regions. The internship period is to last for a minimum of 2 months.

The requirements are as follows:

  1. An letter requesting the internship from the relevant institution, addressed to ICW Coordinator
    Send the letter via email or deliver directly to ICW secretariat (see addresses in footer)
  2. The internship request should include a proposal containing the background, objectives, expected outcomes and the timetable of the internship
  3. Willing to present the internship plan proposal at ICW

ICW Representative and Network

ICW does not have representative offices outside Jakarta. ICW’s only office is located in Jakarta, addressed at Jalan Kalibata Timur IV D No.6 South Jakarta. Tel. 021 7901885/7994015. Fax. 021 7994005. However, ICW has networks in several areas in Indonesia

To view ICW networks/partners, please click on the following link : Anti-Corruption Network

Interview Request and Data Request

Please send an official letter from your college/institution about the interview request. Include your topic/research title as well as your phone number. The letter should be sent via email and can be confirmed via telephone after 3 working days. (See contact details in footer)

To request data/information, submit a letter of data request via e-mail or fax. Please specify in detail the requested data as well as the purpose of data request.

ICW will process the data/information request within a maximum of 10 working days.

There is a charge for the information request, according to the type of information.

Invitations to ICW

To invite an ICW researcher as a resource person, please send the invitation and terms of reference (TOR) of the activities via email. Please confirm acceptance of the letter 3 days after it is sent.

Vacancies at ICW

At present we do not have any vacancies open for any position. However, when there is a position available, the announcement will be broadcast on electronic media as well as this website

Donations and Supporters

Sahabat ICW is any person, who together with ICW and participates in attaining a corruption-free Indonesia. Sahabat ICW provide support through public donations (ICW Supporters), voluntary work, expertise, and active involvement in any ICW activities.

Donations are used for anti-corruption advocacy and education activities. In 2017, ICW plans to conduct activities such as impoverishing corruptors, corruption monitoring and reporting, prevention of corruption in the procurement and natural resources sectors, anti-corruption cadres (through the Anti-Corruption Course/SAKTI) and advocacy to encourage clean political parties.

Every Sahabat ICW will get an anti-corruption bulletin on a weekly and monthly basis via e-mail. Also a joining gift in the form of stickers and a letter of appreciation. Every July we will send out Sahabat ICW Bulletin and Report, ICW Annual Report, and also special birthday greetings.

There are several ways to donate, including regular donations (via automated authorized transfer via bank account or credit card) and one-time donations. For more information, visit sahabaticw.org

If you want to stop monthly donations, please contact ICW Public Fundraising team via the e-mail sahabaticw(@)antikorupsi.org or by phone (021) 7901885/7994015.

At the end of each year, ICW will send a financial statement of donations via e-mail to registered ICW supporters. At the beginning of each year, ICW launches an annual report, which contains ICW’s financial reporting.