Examples of Collaboration Between Civic Tech Communities and Governments Around the World

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This publication showcases how governments and civic tech communities around the world can work together to build digital services and projects. It also offers policy recommendations on what governments can do to facilitate such collaboration. Experts from different regions contributed their experience and observations to this publication: Daniela Ramirez and David Bates from Mexico, Henriette Litta from Germany, Kes Tuturoong and Wana Alamsyah from Indonesia, Matt Stempeck from the United States, Meichun Lee from Taiwan, Nourhane Ben Thabet from Tunisia, Oussama Abdelah Benhmida from Morocco. The examples they presented cover a wide range of topics: fighting corruption, enhancing transparency in government procurement, land management, pandemic prevention, improving digital literacy of governments and communities, local democracy, citizen participation, and making a city more accessible for people with physical disabilities.


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