• Bow Out Arief
    Push Chief of Constitutional Court Arief Hidayat to Resign from His Post
  • Dismiss DPR's special committee on KPK
    The parliament special committee to review KPK authorities is past its 60 days due without indication of stopping.
  • Coal Blackhole in Indonesia
    There's always a dark side to coal mining in Indonesia, where people and environment are always the victims. ICW scrutinizes potential state loss from corruption in coal mining.


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In early March 2018, KPK announced the recruitment for the positions of law enforcement deputy and...
The Ministry of Home Affairs, the Attorney General's Office, and the Indonesian National Police...

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Cancel the Revision of the MD3 Law is not only intended to stifle public disappointment, but...

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The plan of the House of Representatives (DPR) to pass the Criminal Code Bill (RKUHP) into a Law